The Beneficiaries of the Project and Partners in Its Execution

This is another joint project of the Office of Documentarians of the Monuments in Szczecin and Foundation for Virtualization of the National Heritage of Culture. Its major aim was an exact 3D digital and virtual replication of the body and interior of the 14th century church at Iwiecino with its fitting comprising precious movables. The most up to date scanning and gauging technologies were used in the process in combination with a mix of displaying tools based upon VR in order to secure a wide dissemination of knowledge regarding this unique landmark.

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The Office of Documentarians  of the Monuments in Szczecin

is by its statute a self-governmental institution of culture. It acts as a curator of the landmarks situated in the voivodship of the Western Pomerania. It is supposed to provide a public education regarding a cultural heritage of the region and disseminate knowledge about landmarks. It co-operates with the owners and administrators of the monuments which recruit themselves from all walks of life. It deals with schools, church and public administration and private users. It carries out research aimed at securing an adequate documentation of the lives of the monuments. The resultant records are used in the process of space planning and formulating all sorts of strategic documents concerning tourism and economic development of the whole region.

ul. T. Starzynskiego 3/4
70-506 Szczecin
tel: (+48) 91 433 70 98

The Foundation for Virtualization
of the National Heritage of Culture

to-date technology to digitizing and producing three-dimensional replicas of items of cultural heritage we use our competence for the benefit of saving endangered pieces of architecture from oblivion. To date we have carried out more than 40 digitizations comprising stock taking and virtualization of relics of unique architectural value and artifacts which usually constitute parts of museum collections or the interiors of churches. The Foundation has taken stock in Poland and abroad with the aid of the latest technologies of 3D laser scanning and virtual reality of the following items: museum exhibitions, a sacral architecture, fortifications and castles, historical fortification systems of the both world wars, sailing ships and historical warships, carriages, sculptures from all periods of art, ancient ceramics.

ul. Krotka 4
66-400 Gorzow Wielkopolski
tel: (+48) 513 560 521

The Parish of St. Mary from Czestochowa  at Dobiesław

The Roman Catholic St. Mary’s the Queen of Poland Church at Iwiecino belongs to the St. Mary from Czestochowa’s Parish which belongs to the Koszalin – Kołobrzeg’s diocese.

The Roman Catholic St. Mary’s the Queen of Poland Church
Iwiecino 17
76-003 Iwiecino
Curator and Guide: Mrs. Grazyna Kostrzewa
tel: (+48) 725 784 861

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